Queen of All Saints, suffered the loss of 1900 sq. ft. of copper roofing. Baschnagel Bros. was able to remove the damaged roofing, and create a water tight seal the next day, which saved the interior of the landmarked church from the next storm, which followed within 3 days, and dropped 2 inches of rainfall, until the copper standing seam roof could be replaced.

Saint Luke's Episcopal Church needed the above section of tiles, and related metal work & felt (about 900 sq. ft.) removed and reinstalled, to resemble its original beauty.

St.Michael's Ukrainian Church - Fabricated & installed 16 large and 8 small louvers in 20 oz. copper. Copper cladding and related flashings on 2 small and 1 large dome. Fabricated & installed in 20 oz. copper - copper standing seam roof, copper leaders, elbows, fascia, cleats and steel angles.

St. Isadore's Church - On both Bell Towers - Fabricated and installed new matching 16 oz. cold rolled copper louvers, columns, marquee, moldings, cross, balls and finials, flat seam roofing, fascia, soffits & flashing.