BASCHNAGEL BROS., INC. has received awards from
New York Landmarks Conservancy for our ability to
restore and preserve the original beauty of landmark quality building.
We would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to Baschnagel Bros., Inc. We are a contracting company that is licensed and fully insured and have provided services  to our residential, commercial and institutional customers for over 100 years. Baschnagel Bros. has the experience and support staff to service all locations in the five boroughs, as well as Nassau and Suffolk.
Our reputation in the roofing industry has grown over the past 100 years to a level of professionalism incomparable elsewhere. Please be assured that we here at Baschnagel Bros. can accommodate all of your roofing needs
Whether you need a roofing repair or an entire roof replacement, we've  the expertise, the experience and the equipment to bring any project into alignment with your satisfaction.
In Baschnagel Bros, Inc. we use products developed by the finest, nationally recognized and esteemed manufacturers.
All of the roofing systems used by Baschnagel Bros. are certified and have manufacturer’s guarantees.

Business Integrity Commission
Registration: 759

Keeping The Water out And Letting the Sun Shine In.
Little leaks can mean big problem down the road. So when we repair an existing roof or install a new one, our supervisors look out for potential problems. And when we install windows, skylights, gutters, leaders or sidings, each of the contact points is carefully protected and waterproofed.

Our clients can rely on our professional team, which carefully analyses the technical requirements of each project giving due consideration to the client's own priorities for the roof, whether they are performance, budgetary or aesthetic.

We specialize in roofing...

for religious institutions, residential or commercial buildings. We’re fully insured and licensed. And we’re certified for almost all roofing systems